Jesus Life Together

Hey, YOU know. You KNOW.
Time for fighting is over.
Time for pretending and playing make-believe, or ego-protection are long gone.

No one who is HONEST believes that Abraham, Moses, Daniel, Elijah, and David were all brought forth by YHWH so that NOW we can "attend services" and have "speeches" about the past or words or "attend home meetings" for buddies and snacks and "volunteer" for some good deeds.

No one who is HONEST believes that all of Earth's History points towards "attending" or "music" or "programs" or "missions" (to do the same things) as the fulfillment and culmination and climax of the Spiritual and literal Earthquake of Father's baby boy Born by the Holy Spirit, Who Lived true LIFE in Fellowship in the Father and in His brothers, in Power and Character and Dignity, Murdered by a secret handshake between religion and the world system, Raised from the dead by the same Power of Fellowship by which He had Lived.

No HONEST person could believe that buildings and a mass or services and clergy can possibly be the CLIMAX OF LOVE AND POWER to which all of the Prophets and Apostles and The Lord of Hosts Himself, Jesus Christ, HAVE SPOKEN!

Can we PLEASE consider going to HIS LIFE and TRUTHS, for Jesus' sake and His Testimony, instead of jealously and fearfully trying to protect what doesn't bear His Fruit anyway?

Open the Pages with courage and love and SEE His Life and Hope and Fruit in your home and community wherever you live!

Join those here from 190 nations and every denomination and non-denomination and faith on earth who have written and shared in the Truths of the Centrality of JESUS, Yshua and the "administration, the working out, the LifeTogether in His Grace and Love of His unsearchable Riches".

There is so much HOPE for His Life that "the gates of Hell can no longer prevail against" that "all men can SEE our love for each another" - the UN-hiding "City set on a Hill!"

We need to do it TOGETHER.

Will you have the courage to Stand rather than cave or falter under the hatred or accusations or slander or lies with which the religious and the world system are still attacking Jesus and His Truths and visible Life?

Come on! Dig in and apply LIFE and HOPE to the world around you rather than "attendance" and "studies" and "programs" and "missions" and "volunteering"


Come on in! We can Work TOGETHER without denominational barriers and without fear, prejudice, or security blankets "To the praise of HIS Glory!"

If not Now... WHEN? Come on!

All that is truly HIS voice “shall cause the falling and rising of many—and be a sign spoken against—
so that the thoughts of many hearts will be revealed.” (Luke 2:34-35)